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After Nikken discontinued the Solitens unit we still had high demand from our customers for a simple to use tens unit. We are pleased to present an upgrade from the Nikken Solitens in the Stimplus unit. Two of the major improvements are there is no more wrist strap required for self use. The second improvement is we include and ear phone jack so you can stimulate in silence.



The amazing Stimplus applies the same principle as the age old Chinese therapy of acupuncture, without piercing the skin.

The Stimplus finds acupoints, and then stimulates away the pain electronically at the touch of a button, without needles. It can detect acupoints and then indicate them by means of audio and visual signals after which it can treat them with a choice of three pre-set electronic frequencies or rhythms (13 Hz, 16 Hz or 19 Hz). Intensity is adjustable at any time to ensure maximum comfort. The Body Clock Stimplus can reduce pain, is user friendly and ideal for personal or professional use.

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Whats included: 2 Lithium Batteries Ear Phone Acupuncture Charts Soft pouch User Manual Technical Specs: Intensity: 6 levels Stimulation output (max intensity): 1.125mA (500Ω) load Voltage: 6V Low Battery Indicator: 4.5V Pulse Rate: 150µs Power Source: 2 Lithium Batteries Pulse Width: 13/16/19Hz Battery life (30 Sec/cycle): 3,800 cycles Peak Voltage (min intensity): 0.6V (500Ω load) Weight/Size: 50g, 17cm x 3.7cm x 1.5cm Peak Voltage (max intensity): 11.5V (500Ω load) Timer option: 15, 30 seconds or manual Output (min intensity): 69.5µA (500Ω load) Audio/Visual acupoint detection

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