Kenko ThermoGloves

Nikken Kenko ThermoGloves XL Item# 17099

Nikken Kenko ThermoGloves Item# 17099

Nikken Kenko ThermoGloves

Nikken Kenko ThermoGloves

Product Description

Made with copper threading for its antibacterial properties, Kenko ThermoGloves help ease muscular and joint discomfort of the hands, wrists and knuckles. These exceptionally comfortable gloves provide mild compression to help decrease swelling while the open fingertips allow for ease in gripping and feeling.

• Effective, non-invasive relief of muscular and joint discomfort in hands, wrists, fingers and knuckles
• Provides compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
• Cotton material allows skin to breathe and helps keep hands dry
• Skin feels noticeably softer after wear

17099 X-Large 9 cm (3.6″) width x 23 cm (9.1″) length

Materials: 53% cotton, 35% polyester, 7% spandex, 5% copper fabric
Directions: Wear as ordinary gloves, above second knuckle. Light compression is desirable. Hand wash in cold water. Do not iron or bleach. Air dry or place under warm (not hot) sunlight.

WARRANTY: 90 days

Warning: Remove if tightness causes discoloration or numbness.

Price: $41.00

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