How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep do you need?
The Nikken Kenko Sleep System has unique technology designed to help you sleep better and stay healthy.

Sleep Duration Recommendations

Sleep Duration Recommendations

Kenko Sleep Products
Few things can make you feel better than a good night’s sleep. And few things have as powerful an influence on our lives and health. Sleep restores and recharges us, keeps us healthy, and can even affect medical conditions such as diabetes and weight gain. Fortunately, Nikken has developed advanced sleep technology that helps you stay healthy and get the rest you need.

The Kenko Sleep System is scientifically designed for better sleep. Innovations including Nikken RAMĀ® (radial-axis magnetism) Technology, a massage-effect surface, natural temperature regulation and more, provide you with an extraordinary sleep experience.

Jeff Pearson
Nikken Independent Consultant

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